1 Fuel Tank Capacity 6L
2 Engine Oil Capacity 1L
3 Ground Distance 137mm
4 Height 850mm
5 Length Width 1980mm
6 Width 1020mm
7 Seat Height 600mm
8 Minimum Turn Radius 1600mm
9 Net Weight 95KG
10 Load Capacity 120KG
11 Conveyance Qty/20'Q:16pcs\Qty/40'HQ:48pcs
12 Max Speed 30KM/H
13 Max Climbility 180
14 Range 60KM
15 Drive System CVT
16 Brake Hydraulic Disk
17 Engine Type single cylinder; 4-stroke
18 Displacement 107ml
19 Starter System Eletric Starter/Foot Kicking
20 Engine Cooling Forced Wind-cooled
21 Lubrication Oil Pump auto segregation
22 Ignitions C.D.I magneto

Over-snow scooter: The vehicle is provided with great visual effect and a seat with good balance and low barycenter that give the vehicle solid stability in steering. Its automatic shift engine and optimized power transmission rate in output endows the vehicle with higher speed in flat ground and greater performance in climbing a slope, which saves the engine from long-time running in high-speed phase and extends its life to a high degree.

This guarantees your full enjoyment of safe and exciting driving.