No. Part No. Description in Chinese Description in English Descriere in Romana Q'ty U/Price
1 GY-200100 车架 Frame assy Cadru 1 US$23.60
2 GY-200200 吊架固定轴M10X205 Hexagon bolt M10X205 Surub M10x205 1 US$0.30
3 GY-200300 吊架缓冲块 Buffer of hanger Tampon 1 US$0.10
4 GY-200400 吊架 Hanger 1 US$2.20
5 GY-200500 发动机吊轴M10X195 Hexagon bolt M10X195 Surrub M10x195 1 US$0.30
6 GY-200600 六角法兰面自锁螺母M10 Hexagon nut LOCK M10 Piulita M10 2 US$0.10
7 GY-200700 侧支架回位拉簧 Spring of side stand Arc cric lateral 1 US$0.20
8 GY-200800 侧支架固定螺栓 Bolt, side stand Pana 1 US$0.10
9 GY-200900 侧支架 Side stand Cric lateral 1 US$0.70
10 GY-201000 吊架轴套Ф15X75 Hanger bushingФ15X75 1 US$0.30