[ Our Principles ]

Honesty: We believe that human being's first morality is honesty. It is honesty which brings people together and make people trust you. Our company is blessed with trust from customers all over the world and we will dedicate to our old and new friends with honesty as ever.

Customers' First Priority: the reason is just simple, no customers, no our company. We grow because our esteemed customers grow. We understand quite well that it is our duty and benefit to give satisfactory service to our customers. So, you are always our first priority!

     [ Our Business ]

        Needless to say, as a company whose main business activity is international trading, our business is spread through all over the world. North America, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia. But basically, our main market is Europe and America. We deal with many world famous firms direct or indirectly (We will keep them as secrets here).

Quality Control System: for all our products we have our own standards, never sell anything might have problem is our principle. All the products are checked carefully before shipping. We have both Q.C.s and Q.A.s. Work with Mortch International, you are guaranteed with quality products.


        To succeed in today's highly competitive global marketplace, Mortch International is an international sales and marketing organization. Mortch International is able to offer you unsurpassed professional sales support and match each customer's requirements, and maintain a close pulse on the dynamic worldwide industry.

        Mortch is able to provide close professional sales support, for efficient paperless electronic transmission of purchase orders, acknowledgments, invoices and email communication.

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